Greenworks Pro 80V 21-inch Review

Best Cordless Lawn Mower for Large Yards

Ideal for large yards of up to 1 acre. With a 21 inch metal deck and a powerful electric motor this Greenworks cordless mower makes light work cutting grass. It comes with 2 batteries and a rapid charger, making it great value. Winner of our Best Cordless Lawn Mower for Large Yards 2021 award.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Setup and Storage

Greenworks 80v 16inch Review | Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks model GLM801601 \ 2500402 is a US model
Date of review April 2021 by David Bee


Our Verdict

2 batteries & rapid charger included No rear roller to make lawn stripes
Sturdy construction  Greenworks customer service is not the best
21″ deck is ideal for large yards 
Powerful electric motor (brushless) 
Mulching, Discharge & Bagging 

One question that we keep getting asked is Which cordless lawn mower is best for large yards? For a walk behind lawn mower a yard that is over 4000 square feet (about the size of a  basketball court)  is considered large. If the area you want to cut is over 40000 square feet, then it might be worth looking at a ride-on mower \ tractor mower. But, if you have the batteries and the time there is no limit to the size of lawn that a cordless lawn mower can cut.

It was only a few years ago that cutting a large lawn with a cordless lawn mower would not have been a practical option. But, battery technology and electric motor power and efficiency have come along way. In fact, the Greenworks Pro 80V 21 inch, model GLM801601 \ 2500402 cordless mower has the same power as a similar sized gas mower!

Reviewing for the best cordless lawn mower for large yards has been tricky, as different people have different requirements. But, We think for the majority of people the Greenworks 80V 21 inch has the right balance of quality, power and price. 

Best For Large Yards

Greenworks Pro 80V 21in is awarded BEST CORDLESS LAWN MOWER FOR LARGE YARDS 2021

Mower Features

The below features are for the Greenworks models GLM801601 \ 2500402

  • Deck Size: 21″ (53 cm) good for large yards
  • Grass collector, mulch and side discharge options
  • Metal blade for best cut & performance
  • Suitable for yards up to 40,000 square feet
  • Handles fold flat for storage
  • Walk behind manual push 
  • 80v batteries can be used with other Greenworks products
  • Powerful brushless electric motor
  • 7 cutting heights
Greenworks 80v 21 inch cordless mower review

Greenworks Mower Models

There are a number of different models of the Greenworks Pro 80V 21inch mower. The main difference between each of the models is the batteries included or not included and Self propelled or Manual push

Description of each of the different models:
Model: GLM801601 \  2500402  – Includes 2 x 2Ah Batteries – Manual Push
Model: GLM801602 \ 2501202  – Includes 1 x 4Ah Batteries – Manual Push
Model: GLM801600 \ 2506902  – No batteries included (tool only) – Manual Push
Model: MO80L00 \ 2502402TNVAZ  – No batteries included (tool only) – Self Propelled
Model: MO80L410 \ 2515902AZ  – Includes 1 x 4Ah Batteries – Self Propelled

This Greenworks 80V 21 inch review is relevant for all the model types. But is specific to the Model: GLM801601 \  2500402 which we think offers the best value for most buyers.


It has become increasingly common to see cordless gardening products share the same battery. This is true for the Greenworks 80V range which can all share the same battery.

The two battery types are the 80V 2.0Ah and the 80V 4.0Ah. In simple terms both batteries are 80 Volts so they deliver the same amount of power, but the 4.0Ah battery will have a longer run time than the 2.0Ah battery.

Expect approximately 45 minutes runtime from the 4.0Ah battery and 30 minutes  run time from the 2.0Ah battery, assuming the grass conditions aren’t too taxing.  

To help extend battery run time the Greenworks 80V 21-inch mower uses a technology called Smart Cut. Smart Cut automatically increases or decreases the power according to the conditions.

It takes approximately 60 minutes to charge the 4.0Ah battery and 40 minutes to charge the 2.0Ah battery. These charges times are very good, with only the EGO cordless lawn mowers capable of faster charge times.


Thanks to the 20″ metal blade and the powerful motor the cut is excellent. The mower will plough through most grass conditions without any problems, giving a clean and efficient cut. 

The cut height can be easily adjusted between 1-3/8 Inches to 3-3/4 Inches, which is a good range for most situations.

This is a ‘3 in 1’ lawn mower meaning that grass can be:

  1. Side Discharge Chute – It simply ejects cut grass to the side of the lawn mower. This is generally used when cutting tall grass. Helps prevent the mower from clogging up
  2. Mulch – Returns finely chopped grass to lawn to fertilise. Works best with short grass
  3. Grass Collection – Works best with short to medium length grass. Not only good for collecting grass, but will also pickup leaves, small twigs etc. The grass collector bag has a 50 litre capacity (13 gallons) 
Greenworks 80 Volt 21 inch for Large Yards
Best For Large Yards

Drive Sytem

There are two types of drive system for walk behind lawn mowers, Manual Push or Self Propelled. The Greenworks Pro 80V 21-inch has the option of having either type of drive system , depending the model purchased. (See ‘Greenworks Mower Models’ section near the top of this review for the different drive systems).

The model GLM801601 \  2500402 that we have selected as the best cordless lawn mower for large yards is a manual push. Thanks to it’s lightweight and large wheels this lawn mower is easy to push around for most people. By not going with the self propelled model you’ll also be saving about 100 bucks!

Manual Push Models

Model: GLM801601 \  2500402  – Includes 2 x 2Ah Batteries – Manual Push
Model: GLM801602 \ 2501202  – Includes 1 x 4Ah Batteries – Manual Push
Model: GLM801600 \ 2506902  – No batteries included (tool only) – Manual Push

Obviously if you have a very large yard, tough grass conditions or do a lot of mowing then you might well benefit from having a self propelled model. The self propelled version might also be better suited to seniors or those that do not have the physical strength to push a mower around.

Greenworks Self Propelled Models

Model: MO80L00 \ 2502402TNVAZ  – No batteries included (tool only) – Self Propelled
Model: MO80L410 \ 2515902AZ  – Includes 1 x 4Ah Batteries – Self Propelled


Like most other cordless lawn mowers the handles fold flat, allowing the mower to be hung from a hook or stored on a shelf. As there’s no fuel or oil the mower can be stored at any angle.

Note: When storing a cordless lawn mower always remove the battery.

Greenworks Pro 80v 21 inch Specifications

Weight81 lbs \ 36KG
Voltage80 Volt
DriveManual Push (Self propelled models available)
Cutting Width20 inches (21″ deck)
Maximum Cut Area (using 2 * 2.0 Ah batteries)up to 10,000 square feet
Cut Height Ranges1.3/8 to 3 3/4 inches (7 positions)
Maximum Grass Bag Capacity50 Litres
3 in 1 FunctionGrass collection, Mulch, Side discharge
Warranty4 Year (limited) Tool & Battery

What's in the Box

  • Greenworks Pro 80V 21-inch Cordless Lawn Mower (GLM801601 \  2500402)
  • Side discharge chute
  • Grass Collection Bag
  • Mulch Plug
  • 2 x 2.0 Ah batteries
  • 1 X Rapid Charger
  • Owner Manual

Verdict - Best Cordless Lawn Mower for Large Yards

We review a lot of cordless lawn mowers, many of which are designed for large yards, but none tick as many boxes as the Greenworks 80V 21-inch lawn mower. The mower is powerful, has a good run time, includes batteries, charger and a grass collection bag, all at a really good price.

If you’ve always used gas lawn mowers, seriously consider cutting the cord and getting a cordless lawn mower. They offer a similar performance without all the draw backs that come with a noisy, polluting, inefficient gas mower

 The Greenworks 80V 21-inch is awarded BEST CORDLESS LAWN MOWER for LARGE YARDS winner
Note: The GLM801601 \  2500402 is a US model

We hope you found our Greenworks  cordless lawn mower review useful. If you have any questions then please get in contact

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