Cordless Lawn Mower Battery FAQ

Your battery questions answered

If you’re considering buying a cordless lawn mower you’ve probably got a lot of questions about batteries. Making sure you buy the correct battery in the first place will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Hopefully you’ll find answers to all your battery questions below, but if you don’t, get in contact and we’ll try our best to help

Battery Frequently Asked Questions

As a rough guide expect cordless lawn mower batteries to last for about 5 years or 500 charges before they need replacing.

It is safe to leave a cordless lawn mower battery charging overnight, as long as you are using a well known branded battery. Ideally batteries should be removed from the charge once fully charged.

It is not recommended to use batteries from different cordless lawn mower manufactures, even if they have the same connection types and specifications.

Usually retailers that sell cordless mowers will also sell replacement batteries. However,  for some brands it is difficult to find replacement batteries, in which case contact the manufacturer directly for assistance.

Charge time can vary significantly depending on the battery and charger. The fastest time is about 30 minutes, but typically expect between 1 hour to 5 hours. The slowest can take up to 24 hours

Yes and No, Most cordless lawn mowers chargers will automatically stop charging once the battery is full. If you have a charger doesn’t automatically stop charging then you can overcharge the battery, potentially causing damage.

On average a cordless lawn mower with a single battery will last about 40 minutes. Some cordless lawn mowers can take two batteries which will double the runtime

Expect to get at least 500 charges from cordless lawn mower battery.

Basically the higher the voltage the more power the battery can deliver. For example, a 40 volt battery would be used in a large cordless lawn mowers, where as a 20 volt would be used in a smaller mower. 

The greater the Ah \ Amp Hour the longer the battery run time. For example, a 4.0Ah battery will run for longer than a 2.0Ah battery


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