Affilate Links FAQ

Everything you need to know about affiliate links

Like many websites we use affiliate links to generate income. If you have never heard of affiliate links or just want to know more about how The Gardener’s Shed use affiliate links then please check out the questions and answers below.

Hopefully you’ll find answers to all your affiliate questions below, but if you don’t, get in contact and we’ll try our best to help

Affiliate Links Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate links are a form of marketing, connecting retailers & publishers. If a site visitor clicks on a shopping link at The Gardener’s Shed, a browser cookie is used by the retailer to track a purchase with the link. The retailer then pays the Gardener’s Shed a percentage of the purchase.

We primarily use the Amazon affiliates program called Amazon Associates. If you were to click on an Amazon affiliate link on The Gardener’s Shed website and make a purchase from the seller, we would get a small commission form Amazon

No, absolutely not.

If a product doesn’t cut the mustard, this will be reflected in our review

Affiliate links are our primary method of generating income. Like everyone else we have bills to pay 🙁


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