Top 3 Quietest Cordless Lawnmowers

The realm of cordless lawnmowers is filled with a multitude of options, but in this comprehensive review, we focus on the quietest models available. We will be delving into the nitty-gritty of the top three cordless lawnmowers known for their low noise levels, focusing on aspects such as power, performance, cutting quality, and battery life.

The Importance of Quiet Operation

While the performance of a lawnmower is paramount, the noise it generates is an often overlooked but significant factor. A quiet cordless lawnmower reduces noise pollution, ensures a more comfortable working environment, and is less likely to disturb your neighbors during early morning or late evening mowing sessions.


1. Ego Power+ LM2

Ego Power+ LM2000-S has earned a reputation for being one of the quietest cordless lawnmowers available. With a noise rating of just 67 dB, it’s comparable to a normal conversation in terms of volume.

Power and Performance

Equipped with a 56V Lithium-Ion battery, the Ego Power+ delivers a power performance that rivals many gas-powered models. Its cutting width is an impressive 20 inches, making it efficient for medium to large-sized lawns.

Battery Life and Additional Features

With a full charge, the Ego Power+ can run for approximately 45 minutes. The model boasts a rapid charge feature, enabling a depleted battery to be fully charged within 30 minutes. Additionally, the Ego Power+ is weather-resistant and has a foldable design for easy storage.


2. Makita XML

Next on our list is the Makita XML03PT1, a cordless lawnmower renowned for its quiet operation. With a noise level of 70 dB, it ensures a peaceful mowing experience.

Power and Performance

The Makita XML03PT1 is powered by two 18V LXT batteries. It offers a cutting width of 18 inches and has a 10-position height adjustment system to cater to various grass lengths.

Battery Life and Additional Features

The Makita can operate for approximately 45 minutes on a single charge. The mower also features a grass catcher bag and has a sealed ball bearing design to improve its durability.


3. Ryobi RY401

Lastly, the Ryobi RY40180 is another excellent choice for those seeking a quiet cordless lawnmower. Its noise rating stands at 75 dB.

Power and Performance

The Ryobi is powered by a 40V Lithium-Ion battery and has a cutting width of 20 inches. The height can be easily adjusted, offering seven different settings.

Battery Life and Additional Features

With a battery life of around 40 minutes per charge, it’s well suited for small to medium-sized lawns. The Ryobi RY40180 also features a grass collection bag and an LED headlight for evening mowing.



In the world of cordless lawnmowers, finding a model that offers power, performance, and quiet operation can be a challenge. However, the Ego Power+ LM2000-S, Makita XML03PT1, and Ryobi RY40180 each offer a compelling blend of these characteristics. They stand as testament to the advances in modern technology that have allowed us to achieve powerful performance without sacrificing comfort.


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